Selektif Technology is an innovative company supported by Kosgeb and established in the Istanbul Technical University campus. Selektif Technology has its expertise on the application and spreading of various renewable energy technologies and materials by widespread research and development activities.


Following long and tedious efforts of our Research and Development team, Selektif Teknoloji is pleased to announce that the manufacturing division has started to produce selective absorber plate for solar thermal collectors.

TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), TUSIAD (Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen's Association) and TTGV (Technology Development Foundation of Turkey) awarded Selektif Teknoloji for its technological process development achievements. The award was given under micro, small and medium enterprises category to the project entitled "Prototype manufacturing of roll to roll high efficiency solar selective nano coatings"
Selektif Teknoloji technological process development achievements award
Company project entitled "Prototype production of High Efficiency Solar Thermal Nano-Coatings by Continous Roll to Roll Method" is supported by The Scientific and Technolojical Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). Project period is 13 months beginning from December 2009.

April 2011 "Prototype Production of High Efficiency Solar Selective Nano Coating from roll to roll" is accomplished.

Roll to Roll Manufacturing of Solar Selective Patent, PCT will be Published in May 2012

SPF, Solartechnik Prufung Forschung Institute fur Solarteechnik, Rapperswill, is qualified the Selektif-SERA product with solar absorotance coefficief between %93-95 and emmitance coefficent between %3-5 with standard devination less then 0,01. The tested coating is accredited to withstand the thermal loads of a a flat plate collector more than 25 yeras. The absorder coating has qualified with regards to ist thermal stability.The absorber nano coating had also no adhesion problem according to the ISO 2409 cross-cut test results.

2011 Technology Award ofElginkan Foundation is given to Prof. Dr. Figen Kadirgan with the project entitled " The Prototype Production of Nanolayerd by Continous roll-to-roll Methode for High Efficiency Solar Thermal Convertion"

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