Selektif Absorbant surface:


  • 97-95 % absorption of solar thermal energy
  • 5-7 % emission of heat
  • Resistivity of surface to heat and corrosion, long life
  • Resistivity of surface to welding


The effective utilization of thermal energy derived from solar radiation using either a flat plate or a focused collector system requires an efficient solar selective coating. The type of coating proves significant as a criterion that determines the quality of the absorber sheet. For this coating to perform efficiently under solar radiation, its radiation properties should be as required. The ideal values of absorptivity and emissivity are respectively 100% and 0%. However, in practice these values cannot be reached. Therefore, it is in the best interest to get closest possible values to the ideal ones. An efficient coating is defined as having a high absorptance over a solar spectrum, but in addition, having a low emittance to reduce thermal irradiated heat losses. With the intermediary of significant investments on R&D, SELEKTİF TECHNOLOGY has developed a patented coating that has highly selective properties. The fact that this coating can be investigated on any metal proves unique in the industry.

An efficient coating not only has high absorptive properties over the solar spectrum (0.3-0.2 micron), but also allows a low emission to reduce thermal radiative heat losses.

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