Technical properties

With the intermediary of significant investments on R&D, SELEKTİF has developed patented coating that has highly selective properties (α= 96-98, ε= 5-7)

Spectral Properties of SELEKTİF absorber:

As it is observed from the figures SELEKTİF lost of 5-7 % heat gained from solar energy.


SELEKTİF coating can be scratched out of the metal substrate. Hence metal substrate (copper, aluminium or stainless steel) become re-usable.

Manufacturing Process:

Absorber surfaces are fabricated using a proprietary and innovative electrochemical process. The Selektif Surface is built on a thin, flexible foil substrate (copper, aluminum or steel foil) in a high throughput, roll-to-roll process. Selektif unique electrochemistry-based black nickel technology in Turkey enables production of highly efficient solar collectors at a fraction of the cost of traditional titanium-based solar absorber technologies and alternative solar absorber manufacturing techniques.

Ecological impact:

SELEKTİF absorber have a nano coated surface produced by electrochemical methods. This production method is a low cost energy method. The production of 1 m2 of Selektif requires 0,45 kWh. 1 m2 of Selektif surface generates more than 550 kWh per year, hence the energy necessary for coating SELEKTİF is balanced in 3-4 hours in a sunny day.
The life of the SELEKTİF absorber is more than 25 years. Hence, considering the energy saved by SELEKTİF absorber during 25 years, it prevents an important emission of pollutant gases such as CO2, SOx, NOx or CH4 if fosil fuels were used to obtain the same quantity of energy.
In addition, chemical wastes treated during the coating and all the metal substrates are reusable because of the recycable properties of the coating.

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